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Pain Recovery Simplified

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The New Method to Dealing with Pain Today*

The way we approach pain recovery today has become borderline barbaric.

Smash this. Roll on that. Stretch your body until it can't handle any more.

It might bring relief to you now, which can be good for emergencies or competitions. What about the other 99% of your life?

This system doesn't prepare us to take care of our own body for life. It makes us dependent on what equipment, gym, or trainers are available to you when you need it.

*Individual's results will vary with an individual's circumstances

*Always consult your medical professional first

Recovery can happen with only 20 minutes a day and you can prevent injuries in the future, too.

We call this Prehab.


In the Prehab Dojo Foundations course you get an initial 7 days of education and video + audio routines that help you reclaim the muscle control across your entire body.

After the first 7 days there are 12 more routines that you can shuffle into a daily Prehabbing practice based on what you want to improve such as:

+ Digestion muscles

+ Running muscles

+ XL Full Body (Highest Rated by Dojo Students)


If these techniques will help you, you will notice a difference in 2 sessions or less. We have our Facebook Group for questions to be answered publicly so the whole community can benefit from the knowledge shared.

Stop waiting to heal.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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Student Stories


Elyse had neck pain on and off for many years before doing 2 Prehab Dojo sessions in a row. She said at first she felt like she was going to jump out of her skin. It was so hard to stay still and move so gently. As she continued her body calmed down, and so did her mind! When she finished the 2nd session and walked around she was astonished to find her neck pain gone!


Mitchell is a Crossfit coach and competitor, who routinely beats up his body in the gym for fun. After doing the hips Prehab Dojo session he feels like he never worked out to begin with and can do a whole new workout for the day!


Shawn is a dance studio owner and instructor in California who develops kinks in different areas of her body because of the physical demands of her work. Here after doing the shoulders session the tension in her shoulders and neck dissipated almost completely in under 20 minutes!


Jason is an entrepreneur and comedian in Los Angeles who has had back tension his entire adult life. After doing a Prehab session around his core he found that not only was his body more relaxed, but his mind calmed down tremendously and he felt more peaceful.

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Check out Prehab in action

In the video below, our instructor Skip works with a good friend and gym owner, John, to help his shoulders.

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