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Mindful Exercise

Guided meditation tracks to help you feel more connected to your body in 20 minutes.


The Story of the Dojo


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7-Day Prehab Foundations Course


Follow along every day with the first publicly available (and highly entertaining) audio course by Prehab Dojo. It will guide you through the exact exercises to gain more awareness in every area of your body in 20 minutes a day:

  1. Knees

  2. Ankles & Feet

  3. Hips

  4. Back

  5. Posture

  6. Shoulders

  7. Wrists & Elbows

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Student Stories


"I carry so much tension in my neck and shoulders... and it's just gone."

-- Elyse, San Diego


"I definitely feel that [my] posture is better."

-- Vilma, Orange County


"I finished a workout before that routine.. I felt like I didn't even workout!"

-- Mitchell, Orange County


"The kink that I had in my neck.. is diminished like 80%."

-- Shawn, Orange County


"I don't know if 'Lubricated' is the word, but everything feels like very loose and fluid"

-- Jason, Santa Monica

Sounds great! I'm in.

"I'm feeling as if I've just been introduced to a whole bunch of friends that are my muscles."

-- John, Venice Beach

Check out Prehab in action

In the video below, our instructor Skip works with a good friend and gym owner, John, to help his shoulders.

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